Taking the Next Step

“Conditions are never just right. People who delay action until all factors are favorable are the kind who do nothing.” ~ William Feather


One of my clients has a brilliant mind for developing next generation products and services. For instance, he created one of the first dental HMO’s in America. He is also an avid sailor and boater. He was one of the first to use technology with the NOAA database to help boaters predict tides and currents by imbedding his technology into devices on boats. There was one slight problem, however, and that was getting his new concept and product to market. For over a hundred years boaters had

relied on various tide and pilot books from different parts of the country. There was a learning curve for the public to switch to this type of technology. I suggested that we meet with one of the oldest and well-respected tide book publishers in the country. They had the attention and respect of the target audience but not the technology. After a number of meetings and a few months of negotiating, an agreement was reached. The end result was that tradition met technology, a win-win situation for both parties. It was about taking the next step.

Why? It’s not as much about a great idea, concept or program as it is about execution that turns ideas into reality. Maybe you have a new way to increase sales and improve service, or a way to create trust and a positive experience. But unless you make it actionable and measurable, it’s only an idea.

How? Execution of your plan or idea begins with a positive state of mind. Organize the process by which you will take action. Identify who will be responsible, what needs to be accomplished, and what the expectations and desired results are. Are you the one who will take action or will you delegate tasks? This is a judgment call. Set timelines and milestones to reach in order to track progress. Especially if you’re delegating, you need to draw up guidelines for that person to follow. In conclusion, be proactive and move forward and good things will come your way.