Hire Don to energize your next meeting with an upbeat, engaging and interactive presentation that will inspire your group to take action, improve interpersonal communication skills and boost performance. Don’s signature presentations, listed below, can all be customized to be relevant to your group’s needs and your expectations.

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The People Proposition

Place People in you Sales Equation
Selling is about communicating your value proposition to a prospective buyer. But it’s much more than just that. It’s also about placing people in the equation.
 How will you fulfill their wants, needs and desires? People (buyers) make decisions based on knowledge, trust and service. Even though you may think it’s price, these other factors play a much more prominent roll. Learn the key elements that make up the People Proposition that will drive your sales off the charts! Leverage your customer relationships through interpersonal communication, attract more prospects, develop more confidence, and generate more sales. You will be inspired to take action!

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The Power of Extending Your Reach

Networking is a life skill competency that everyone needs. Learn how to build and maintain successful personal and professional relationships for mutual benefit over a period of time. Don, delivers entertaining, humorous and interactive content rich keynote speeches, conducts seminars and one-on-one coaching as he shares his 30 years of networking know-how with audiences. Key benefits: meet more of the right people; build more confidence; generate more referrals; and, develop a more dynamic network. 
Learn the skills that you can use immediately – for a lifetime!

It’s Showtime! Are You Ready?

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How much time, effort and money have you spent on attending or exhibiting at trade shows and conferences?  Probably too much! Learn how to develop a strategy that will maximize your efforts and ROI while minimize your cost and exposure. Why are you attending? What are your focused objectives? Who will attend and what are their tasks? Also, did you remember to scope out your competitors? And of course, have you considered the all-important plan to follow up? These are just a few of the many questions that need to be addressed in order to be focused and successful. Don uses a humorous yet pointed presentation which will help to jump start your showtime skills!