“It’s difficult to be brilliant alone,” states National Speakers Association Hall of Fame speaker, Patricia Fripp.

Today, more than ever, sales professionals face challenges that didn’t exist in the past. Technology drives everything from instant feedback and quick access to information to higher customer expectations and global competition. At times you may feel pulled in many different directions at once. Mentors can make a difference in your approach to a multi-tasking lifestyle.

Why? Because a mentor can provide candor, feedback and objectivity from an experienced point of view. You’re so busy that it’s like the old saying, “It’s hard to remember to drain the swamp when you’re up to your a– in alligators!” A mentor can look at things with a clear eye and help you consider other options and resources.

How? Identify a seasoned professional who has the experience, expertise and personal integrity to make a difference in your life. Approach him or her with the idea of having coffee or lunch to get to know each other better. If your meeting goes well and you feel like there is a synergy between the both of you, say so. Being respectful of their time and position, ask if they would feel comfortable being a sounding board from time to time on sales and business issues and opportunities. In return, you can offer to take them out for dinner, return the favor with connections and resources, or even be there for them.

Mentoring can be beneficial to both the mentor and mentee. You can give back as well as receive. These interactions can improve your performance and quality of life.

The key benefits include:

*     Objectivity
*     Accountability
*     Shared resources
*     Shared knowledge
*     Camaraderie
*     Candid peer feedback
*     New Ideas and concepts

As with any good idea, it comes to life only when you see the value and then take the next step. Will you?