Planning together to achieve results.

Today, with the ever-changing landscape of business, small to mid-size companies need effective and efficient professional services on a timely and on-going basis.
Our expertise is focused on optimizing sales performance and to grow our clients business. Planning is the key to taking that journey.

Understanding our clients ever changing needs and opportunities, SARACEN Sales & Communications has devised a new approach to solving this problem, thus Strategies @ Work™.

Strategies @ Work™ affords today’s business managers a potent professional resource to help assist them in addressing everyday problems as well as capturing new opportunities. Today’s changing business conditions bring new levels of competition and customer expectations.

Our thinking goes beyond simply reporting the findings. We specialize in turning ideas into Action. Based on over 30 years of professional experience, Strategies @ Work™ was born. We understand that most client’s needs do not fit into some simple pre-established categories, but rather involves a complexity of issues and core competencies that make-up the pieces of the puzzle.

Strategies @ Work™ can assist key managers in developing strategies which create a sustainable competitive advantage over the competition. It does this by providing tools and support systems which can guide your sales team to success.

Let us show you how!


Strategies @ Work: How It Works

Strategies @ Work™ works to provide objective customized planning, advisory and coaching services on an on-going basis. This cost effective approach has many benefits that impact the bottom line. Beginning with an overview, and using a number of evaluative techniques, such as a strength/weakness evaluation regarding sales and marketing functions, we are able to gain a better understanding of the Big-Picture perspective of your business. Many times new opportunities may be disguised as problems.

I. SWOT Analysis,

Market Analysis 

II. Strategies & Tactics, recommendations are made based upon custom data and hard facts. Brand and image are dovetailed into a working plan to translate strategies into actionable steps.  

III. Access to our professional contacts and resources 
is an ongoing benefit. 

IV. 24/7 Availability. We are as close as a phone call, e-mail or text away. 
Our objective is to assist our clients when they need us, day or night.

Let our Proven Experience dealing with companies that want to grow on a National and International basis help you reach your goals, Strategies @ Work™ offers companies a working relationship that expands as their business’s needs warrant.


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