Guest Post: Financial Expert & Author, Gary Patterson

Several of my contacts suggested I go back to a classic

book: Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, for an

additional discussion re growing the top line. I

did and applied it to growing my topline to

further the growth conversation.


Interestingly, a lot of the value I got (and you

might get also) from reading Verne Harnish’s

suggestions were things that I “know” but do

not practice as well as I should, both in my

business and helping clients.


My top three ahas were:

(1)  Number 1 is to get better on my version

of a one page strategic plan and the 5

key metrics for flash report logic. That

sounds so easy; is so invaluable; and yet

is so hard to prioritize.

(2)  Number 2 is to do a better job aligning

with you explaining the value you will

receive from enabling growth through

leverage you did not know you had.

(3)  Number three is always some version of

attaining more financial resources or

better cash flow. The book talks about

bank financing. Even better is improved

cash flow that has no equity or financing


Not sure who started the coaching concept

mentioned in the book of asking “What should

you (1) do more of, (2) do less of, and (3) start



Applying that coaching concept personally is

never easy. As the cobbler, I have to start doing

more explaining the value of growth through

seemingly invisible leverage — number 2, then

needing to do less justifying to myself of why it

is hard to explain simple more understandable

key metrics — number 1, and start doing things

that generate more consistent cash flow —

number three.

What should you start doing more of, doing less of

and start doing?

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Gary Patterson

Author of Million Dollar Blind Spots: 20/20 Vision

for Financial Growth and Best Practices for Long-Term

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