There are many ways Don can help take your public speaking and leadership skills to the next level. A few are listed below…


1-on-1 Executive Coaching

Don specializes in working with executives and professionals who need and want to raise their performance. He provides professional, candid and objective feedback on goals, objectives, ideas and opportunities. Advice on personal and professional levels from a trusted adviser is key to achieving high levels of success and facilitating growth. And of course, confidentiality is critical to the coach-client relationship.

Examples of areas covered

A. Personal Growth Strategies
B. Management Issues
C. Leadership Communication
D. Team Building Training
E. Presentation Skills
F. Strategic Planning
G. Executive Sales Training
H. Resource Development


Working with your team, board or group to bring out pearls of wisdom, ideas or address those issues that only an objective outside professional can help bring to the surface. Building consensus through open dialog and candid discussion and mutual respect can be the difference between success vs. mediocrity. The process involves consulting with the client before-hand to determine the objective and desired outcome. This is followed by understanding the norms, group dynamics and then setting the agenda.


The difference between coaching and mentoring is coaching is task oriented while mentoring is relationship oriented. Mentoring provides a safe environment in which to discuss professional and personal issues, improve self confidence, self perception and work/life balance. Mentoring is a longer term engagement.

Master Mind Group

The master mind group includes decision-makers from a wide range of industries, which provides valuable professional insight and outside perspective. Members have an opportunity to gain new ideas, share insights and resources in a professional setting. Meetings are direct, honest and provide a forum to discuss in a confidential gathering your areas of need or opportunity. Many of the valuable relationships formed in the master mind group last for years to come.

Public Speaking

Have you ever been asked to make business or public speaking presentations, serve on a panel or lead a group discussion? As a professional, developing these skills can give you a distinct  advantage over others – including your competition. Many times people shy away from speaking because of the fear of failure. But with proper training and practice, you can learn confidence, poise and success. With Don, you will learn strategies and techniques that will improve your audience engagement and help you deliver your message in the best way possible using a tried and true method.

• No more death by power point
• No more speaking too long
• No forgetting your material

You will be videotaped so as to have real-time evaluation and to measure your progress. “If you have the will, we have the skill to bring out the best in you!”

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